At Evolve, we provide a vast range of ceiling tiles in various sizes and finishes, which offer a vast range of solutions to different spaces. Evolve is the importer in Malta for Knauf AMF ceiling tiles, Hera design tiles and various other types of ceiling tiles. The most popular are listed here below:

  • PVC tiles – suitable for high moisture areas which can be easily wiped down and are mainly used in commercial kitchens and restroom areas.
  • Hera tiles – colourful straw-like tiles that offer high acoustic value to any space, as well as give a modern twist to ceilings.
  • Mineral fibre tiles – these can offer solutions for acoustic problems and are fire retardant. These tiles can be functional or decorative to suit your individual needs and style.
  • We also offer other tiles like metal ceiling tiles, gypsum tiles, sonic tiles and any other custom tiles needed by our customers.

At Evolve one can also find all ancillaries and metal framing system to go with each individual product.