We offer a vast range of boards including, moisture-proof boards, fire-proof boards, acoustic boards, and standard gypsum boards in Malta.  We also offer specialist boards A1 Corex non-combustible, Premium Corex, and our award-winning board BoardeX – the exterior sheathing which offers multiple solutions in construction.

BoardeX (Orange)

BoardeX is an exterior facade covering board used in the manufacture of exterior walls, also can be used in areas where there are issues with high moisture.


Moisture (Green)

Green COREX is a gypsum board used in the construction of partition walls, curtain walls and suspended ceilings where water and antifreeze resistance are desired. These boards can be exposed to water and steam for a certain period of time, ideal for use in areas such as bathroom, toilet, kitchen, dining hall and roof. Suitable for affixing tiles and ceramics.

Moisture boards Malta

Fire (Red)

Red COREX is a gypsum board used in the construction of partition wall, curtain wall and suspended ceiling, where fire resistance is desired for a certain period. The core of red COREX is reinforced with special fibres and additives for resistance to fire.

Fire Gypsum Boards

Standard (White)

White COREX is a very popular gypsum board in Malta used in partition wall, curtain wall and suspended ceiling construction. Both sides of the white COREX are covered with special cardboard providing flexibility and high strength to the sheet. White COREX application is quick and easy, saving labour and time, significantly reducing construction costs.

White Boards

A1 Corex

  • A1 COREX is used in places where high fire resistance is required.
  • It is the ideal solution for risky places in the fire (hotel, school, hospital, shopping centre, etc.).
  • Class A1 is non-flammable building material.
  • It provides fire resistance for suspended ceilings, partition walls, manufacturing and steel, wood, ventilation ducts, shafts and ventilation ducts.
A1 Corex School

Premium Corex

  • Thanks to the high density of Premium COREX, it has increased the surface hardness used in the manufacture of the desired impact wall, suspended ceiling and curtain wall with high impact strength.
  • The content of Premium COREX is water repellent additives for water and moisture resistance; reinforced with special fibre additives for greater resistance to fire.
Premium Corex

Metal Profiles for Drywalls and Ceilings

Our metal profiles range includes all profiles and accessories for the construction of plasterboard metal systems.

The profiles are engineered to allow the construction of partition walls,ceilings and wall linings and are fire tested and certificated.

The Drywall Metal Systems are used for interior construction on both new and refurbishment projects. Our systems are used in residential, commercial, hospital, education and industrial market sectors. In detail, they are used for:

  • structures for ceilings and wall linings of any range;
  • structures for both simple and multiple partitions in a wide range of heights;
  • special structures for the creation of curved walls, partitions, ceilings as well as staircases, perimeter edge, variable corners and protected edges.

The combination of components allows us to achieve a wide range of solutions which can meet a range of different technical requirements.



We offer a vast range of accessories from fasteners to finishing accessories, access panels, sliding doors, plastering material and all other accessories to facilitate gypsum works. Accessories are complementary products for galvanized profiles used in the construction of drywall systems and suspended ceiling systems.